Kesit Metal is engaged in continual quality system improvement and investment in new technology in order to realize the projects undertaken to satisfy the customer’s quality needs and deliver on time.

Kesit Metal reflects all the information and revisions coming from its customers instantly to every stage of production including analysis, construction of fixtures if necessary, prototype production and serial production and increases efficiency and quality consistently by various innovative applications. We acknowledge the importance of operators as well as the equipments used in production and pledge to invest in our employees to reach the desired quality level.

Kesit Metal serves in the metal industry with 3 fundamental processes: CNC LASER Cutting, CNC Press Brake Bending and Welding. We focus on carrying out all our processes in the most efficient way to increase our market share in the competitive metal sector. Besides our fundamental processes we conduct saw cutting, threading and packaging processes. In addition, we also administer processes that are outside our capabilities like shot blasting, cataphoresis / electrophoresis coating, painting, profile / tube bending etc. to our suppliers within a framework of low costs and high quality.